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ATHELTE SPOTLIGHT: Savannah Cowherd, softball

Photo: Elizabeth Mejorado
Savannah Cowherd

 Savannah Cowherd

  • Grade: 10
  • Sport: Softball
  • Position: First base
  • Age Started Playing: 12


How would other people describe you as an athlete?

Very positive and that I keep a good attitude.

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How and why did you start playing?

I needed to do a sport in middle school and I liked it, so i kept playing.

Describe how you prepare before a game/tournament.

Eat some snacks, get into the right mind set, and listen to music.

For people that have never play your sport, what do you think the average person gets wrong about it?

That 60% of them think it’s baseball.

What personal superstitions or traditions do you have before, during or after a game?

You cant change your outfit, so if you have a hoodie on you can’t take it off during the game.

Tell us about your favorite memory as an athlete either on or off the field.

Two of the girls forgot their jersey and so they got one from another girl, the coaches didn’t know what she was wearing, so she turns to the back of the bus and chants, “Eight eight is great, great great great is eight” which is now one of our chants.

Tell us the story about what you are most proud of yourself for.

When first base girls run me over and I still hold on to the ball to get them out.

As an athlete, who is someone you are thankful for and why?

I’m thankful for my coach, Short, because she pushes us to be better. She’s more positive than negative.

What advice would you give to your younger self when you began playing?

Don’t be to hard on yourself, everyone makes mistakes, that just happens.

What’s on your sports bucket list?

To hit a home run.


  • Team/Sport Ritual or Tradition: Go out to eat together
  • Pre-Game Meal: Redbull, Cheez-It and sometimes a Dr Pepper
  • Post-Game Meal: Mexican food
  • Exercise: Squats
  • Practice: 21 outs
  • Hype Music: Rap 
  • Sports Movie/TV Show: Sandlot
  • Coach: Coach Short

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