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School Photos

Basic Information

Who: CADY studios


  • Grades 9-11: Nov. 2, 2023 during social studies classes
  • Seniors: By appointment only at CADY’s Woodlands studio, or by appointment on campus Nov. 30, Jan. 17, or Feb. 28
  • Retakes: Feb. 6 during lunch on the Commons stage
  • Last Day to be Photographed: March 3

DRESS CODE: All students will be required to abide by the school dress code. Students not in school dress code will be removed from the yearbook portrait section and placed on the “not pictured list” for retakes. SENIORS will take photos in a red graduation gown (and an NHS stole for students in NHS), as well as one option with a cap, and a tux/drape. The cap & gown photo will be used in the yearbook.

Frequently Asked Questions

We missed all of the chances to get photos on campus. What can I do?

Contact CADY before the last day to be photographed to schedule an appointment.

The last day for anyone to be photographed is March 3. After that, there isn’t anything we can do. This is because the photography company needs time to process the photos, make prints, create the yearbook file, and Student Media needs time to place the images in the yearbook.

How do we place an order for school photos?

Pre-orders can be made through CADY’s website for grades 9-11. Seniors will choose what they purchase after booking their session with CADY.

Why do seniors have a different process?

Unlike in the past, CADY does not only take the cap & gown photo, but also a tux & drape photo. In addition, CADY uniquely offers the opportunity to get both the official school photo, but also a more traditional senior photo through mobile stations at roadshows, but also permanent backgrounds at their studio in The Woodlands.

Is there a free option for seniors?

Yes. Student Media and Caney Creek High School opted for all seniors to have the option for a “Yearbook Only” session with CADY. This means you pay NO money to take the cap & gown and tux & drape photo. You only pay for the photos you purchase. Grades 9-11 do not have a sitting fee.

Seniors may choose to have a session that includes a sitting fee. These sessions are for seniors who want to have more background options. We recommend if you plan on having traditional senior photos made to highly consider this opportunity. The sitting fee may seem high on some packages, but non-CADY photographers regularly charge $200 and higher for senior photo sessions. This is an excellent opportunity for families to solve two problems at once.

How do I get the photos I ordered?

CADY mails photos straight to your house. Neither Caney Creek nor Student Media handles any photos or money at any point in time. Any questions about your order should be handled with CADY directly. No one at Caney Creek has information about the status of any print orders, refunds, payments, etc.

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