Trump’s election reaction is just childish pouting

Cesar Rostro, Guest Columnist

A spoiled child is often looked down upon but also envied. A child detached from all responsibilities and pampered with constant attention is expected to be a little envied. When a spoiled child cries over not getting what they want, people stop and stare at such privilege so free from concern.
But what is the reaction process when a 74-year-old-man-child cries over a race that wasn’t handed to him? A leader like Donald Trump who continues to poison the integrity of democracy with hamfisted attempts to bend the results of an election he legally lost isn’t needed. This sore loser of a leader has had his term and the American people have spoken: You’re fired.
The Trump campaign has filed lawsuits against several swing states claiming fraudulent votes have been counted and even filing a lawsuit to stop the certification of election results in Michigan. All of this wasted effort to get the results that Trump wants in order to stay in office shows how desperate he is to stay in an office where seventy-five million have said they want him gone. Lawsuits filed against Pennsylvania, Nevada, Michigan, Georgia, and Arizona have all been either dismissed or are not expected to make it far, all of which are states Biden managed to swing.
Currently, as of Dec. 4, Biden is the projected winner of the 2020 presidential election with 290 electoral votes and leading the popular vote by five million votes. Baseless accusations are signs that Trump is grasping on his final straws, but he won’t leave the oval office without achieving something else. The consequences of yelling wolf won’t just ruin Trump’s already dwindling reputation, but the reputation of democracy itself.
With loyal supporters that will believe him down to the last syllable, Trump has planted the seeds of distrust in the American people. On Nov. 5 at 8:12 a.m., Trump tweeted on his personal Twitter account, “STOP THE COUNT”. This tweet would later make his followers bombard polling offices with the intent to stop the counting of ballots in states like Michigan, a state he lost to Biden.
He has set a horrifying precedent of discrediting the election and it’s result by attacking relentlessly in order to get the results he wants.Trump has been planning on how to bend votes in his favor as well. Democrats were projected to request 2-3x more than Republicans and It’s no secret how Trump feels about votes sent by mail.
Trump continued to cry “foul” over fears of voting fraud, of which there is little to no evidence to actually support, which most of the lawsuits filed having been dismissed on the basis of the lack of evidence. Trump loyalist Postmaster General Louis Dejoy made changes to the United States Postal Service that would directly impact mail-in voters in the 2020 presidential elections. Slower deliveries, reduced operating hours, and even the removal of letter collection boxes have put serious strain on the United States Postal Service and its ability to deliver ballots on time.
The election results were of little significance at the time. What really mattered was the nuclear fallout that would ensue. Now, the hollow accusations of fraud are ringing true for many citizens questioning the very system that was promised to represent everyone fairly.
There is no true way to fix the damage that has ultimately scarred the United States. Perseverance through the situation is the only solution that has been left with. The long term effect of a Trump led nation will linger like a child’s rotten diaper left unattended and unchecked. He is a disgrace to democracy and to those who blindly believe him.
A businessman that only thought of the economy and golfing will have to step over the almost 250,000 dead corpses he left behind to satisfy his urge for power. Just because he has lost the office does not mean he won’t return. Encourage those around you who have the privilege of voting to become more active in local and national politics to elect the best possible leaders that represent you best.
Avoid confrontation with anyone with opposing views as to not give into their taunts. Persevere until January arrives and do not let yourself be silenced or intimidated. Democracy is what the United States and you are represented by; It has not failed to represent you.
Cesar Rostro is a junior and journalism 1 student.