OPINION: “Dahmer – Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story” should stop receiving attention

Ana Chavez, Clubs and Organizations Editor

The new Netflix series “Dahmer- Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story,” received a lot of attention which has created some sort of idolization surrounding the serial killer. The problem is big companies such as Netflix and Hulu are making series about serial killers, without even thinking about the victims’ families and how they’d feel. 

Shirely Hughes, mother of victim Tony Hughes, didn’t see how “they could use our names and stuff like that out there,”according to The Guardian. We should respect those who have been affected by the killer, and support the victims’ families.  

These families go through so much in regards to their loved one’s death, yet companies are making movies, series, and documentaries about the crime without the consent of the families and disregarding their feelings as a whole. 

Some on the other hand have become obsessed with the killer through the series. Others have made short video edits and have profile pictures of him. Some say that they’re obsessed with him, going as far as dressing up like him for Halloween this year. 

Those who view this action as wrong disagree with the people who are glorifying and supporting him. Many have called out those who support Dahmer, using social media apps like Twitter, and Tiktok. They have expressed their feelings towards the matter, some angered and disappointed. 

People compared movie killers to an actual serial killer as an argument to justify supporting the killer. Serial killers shouldn’t be given attention, they did crimes that are unforgivable. 

You might give Dahmer attention for how he performed and got away with his crimes, but this doesn’t mean you should be giving him attention. He did the unthinkable, he shouldn’t be given praise for this.