Choir to perform annual winter concert


Photo: Aby Marroquin

The choir performs at Caney Creek High School’s auditorium during its Nov. 8, 2018 winter concert.

Zoey Dixon, Girls Sports Editor

Choir will perform the annual winter concert in the auditorium on Tuesday, Dec. 13 at 6:30. The concert will be free of charge and open to the public.

The students will perform a mix of traditional Christmas songs, as well as some songs that some you may not have heard before.

“There will be a Christmas sing along with a lot of traditional Christmas songs,” junior Kyleigh Thomas said. “Songs like ‘Jingle Bells’, ‘Oh Christmas Tree’, And ‘Deck The Halls’ will be sung the songs are my favorite to sing because most people know the traditional songs and sometimes chime in.”

Sophomore Cassey Harris believes that the winter concert is a super fun concert but also good for practice. 

“The concerts test our vocal range, audience etiquette, and our performance on stage,” Harris said. “We get fun songs that are still really challenging but it makes the challenging songs worth it when we get it right.” 

The students get extra practice from concerts like this for competitions like all-state and solo and ensemble.

“It gets me comfortable singing in front of people and learning how high and low of a note I can go,” senior Tiffany Anz said. “I have always been nervous singing in front of people but with these concerts I learned how to get over that fear.”

Concerts like the winter concert also give students the opportunity to show off their skills. 

“I like showing off what our kids are capable of,” Choir director Lauren Robertson said. “Sometimes the kids at Caney Creek don’t get shown off in the way that they deserve but we have some talented kids here.”

“I really enjoy singing at these concerts,” Madison Welch said. “My family shows so much support towards me in choir and I am super excited to show them how much my singing has improved.”