Soccer playoff fan bus ticket sales to end soon


Photo: Photo from Getty_Images/iStockphoto

Orange admission tickets fully isolated on white. Alternative version shown below:

Kimberly Cruz, Boys sports editor

The Varsity boys soccer team made it to the playoffs last Tuesday. There will be a a fan bus taking students to the game on Thursday, Mar. 23, 2023 against Aldine MacArthur High School at Randall Reed Stadium.

To get a seat on the fan bus students must have a permission slip signed by their parent or guardian. Students who have been assigned OSS or DAEP will not be eligible to attend. 

The amount of seats are limited and the purchase of a seat will be sold by a first come first serve. The permission slips are at the tables during lunch. 

After forms have been signed, detach the bottom part of the form and turn it into Ms. Dominguez in the front office, to be cleared. The price of the seats are $2 for students, $5 for adults. Students can pay with Ms. Kral. 

Sales end today at the end of D-lunch.