After Hours’ another hit for The Weeknd


Photo: XO/ Republic Records| FILE

Blinding Light. “After Hours” cover art.

Margarita Rangel, Guest Columnist

Imagine doing everything possible to do for the one you love, turning even yourself inside out for them.
Moving from the place you love, where you became successful, and moving with the person you love just so you can try things out with them one moretime.
As time passes you feel you’ve forgotten yourself and dont feel alright anymore. The Weeknd’s (Abel tesfaye) “After Hours” album is an album that means more than it sounds. The songs are all a part of a bigger story, his story with Bella Hadid (an American model) an on-and-off relationship. The Weeknd is a R&B artist who hasn’t made analbum in two years but his comeback shook many people with his new album. The Weeknd puts meaning behind his songs. Whether it’s from feeling hopeless to mildly-happy, he makes a lot out of it hearing his new album was amazing because it’slike a thriller movie in your ears.
Every song has certain moods one song can make you want to dance while the other makes you think about your past. The Weeknd isn’t for many people because he can be upbeat talking about his successto mysterious and dark talking about his family or past love. The Weeknd is underrated by a lot of people because of the genre of music he sings; its mostly pop and R&B somost people are quick to assume what he talks about is “dumb”.
Although The Weeknd is amazing I would say he needs to be more clear when he sings because sometimes you can’t hear what he says.
Although some songs aren’t all about him and his life experience some of it is inappropriate content and for more mature audiences but you’ll still enjoy his music. If you’re wanting to explore the R&B world I suggest starting with The Weeknd to get an idea of what’s to come. Now
“After Hours” is an album you have to hear because you can tell he pours his heart out so many times in the songs its like he knows exactly what you’re feeling in the moment and knows exactly what your thinking.
I suggest hearing more of his albums too. “After Hours” is just different from the restbecause it’s like life hit him hard again so singing was like an escape for him.

Margarita Rangel is a freshman journalism 1 student.