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MEET THE STAFF: Leigh Anne Treistman

Photo: Justin Esteban
Leigh Anne Treistman

Leigh Anne Treistman

  • Position: Commercial Photography and digital media
  • Degrees & Alma Mater: Bachelor’s degree in English from University of Texas at Austin, masters degree in human services from St. Edward’s University, and paralegal certificate from University of Houston 
  • School Activities: SkillsUSA commercial photography, UIL current events, ATPI, TAJE, ILPC, journalism
  • Years at Caney Creek: 20
  • Years Teaching: 22

How would other people describe your high-school self?

Similar to how I am now, I was a very busy and an involved student. I was the color guard captain, I was a student who was in the All Star cast for theater, I competed in prose and poetry. I went abroad and studied outside the country doing service and volunteer work. I was also a student for the National Honor Society.

Tell us about how you got into teaching.

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I started by teaching social studies for 6th grade, then for many years I taught English for pre AP and advanced students. I also provided remedial assistance for students who are struggling readers and writers. I wanted to further pursue my hobby of photography as another form of storytelling. It was much harder than I thought it would be to shift my two favorite things. 

Who influenced you to pursue careers in storytelling(photography, journalism, English)?

Definitely my mom, but ironically it is something we can’t do together. She is a journalism teacher, she taught theater, English, speech, and she was a yearbook adviser. Even though we share similar professions, photography is the one thing I did not learn from her. I started off self taught but went on to start taking classes on my own in universities and a workshop I entered in Santa Fe, New Mexico. I grabbed what I needed and when I needed it. 

What do you do outside of school for fun? Why?

I’m happiest when I am behind a camera so I shoot alot on my own while traveling heavily. So as long as I have a set of car keys, can get on a highway, and get inside a state or national park I’m pretty happy. I’ve visited 35 out of our 50 states and I love to interview interesting people on my trips. My camera became a storytelling tool just like my pencil. I combined my love for travel and interesting culture, so I get on the road a lot. 

When people get to know you, what are they most surprised to learn about you? 

I’ve lived in a country and village with no running water, no electricity, and camped in a tiny rural area where I didn’t speak the language. People are surprised that I can pack my bags in about four minutes and get on the road and be somewhere where other people may be uncomfortable. 

What is your hidden talent? 

My hidden talent is taking tools that other people use for other purposes and repurposing them. Like my favorite way to clean a house is getting a leaf blower and blowing out all the stuff in seconds. I can use that lawn and leaf blower like it’s nobody’s business. 

What is something you know a weird amount about that isn’t related to something you teach?

I advocate for lots of important causes. I am a person who will go see my state representative and go see my congressman. I will make a phone call, I will walk into a senate office, I’ll fly to Washington DC  to speak with someone about issues that I feel are very important. I feel I’ve integrated that into my classroom because I want kids to understand how to utilize the resources they vote and contribute for. So I spend a lot of time on international and domestic issues, paying close attention to elected officials we put into office to make sure they are held accountable for choices they’ve made.

Who is someone you are thankful for and why?

I’m thankful to my mom for teaching me the love of reading and learning. She always gives me a book on my birthday. I’m extraordinarily thankful for my colleagues who are powerful and professional who have the same amount of excitement about educating students as I do. I feel very blessed by the students whom I serve. It’s rewarding to work with students who are hungry to learn something new. 

What advice would you give to your younger self?

Let go of things that aren’t good for you much, much faster. I saw a quote saying that when children don’t like something or playing a game they simply say “I don’t like that” and move on. I hope to be like those children who leave the games. 

What do you hope to be remembered for?

My passion for my students. I hope they learned something about how to be a good human being and being kind to others. I hope to help people find something interesting in themselves that they’d like to pursue passionately and feel proud of. 

What aspirations do you have for the future?

I have books I’ve written I’m pretty passionate about, they’re vignettes or little pieces of writing, I’d like to publish that book. I have a photograph that I’d like to publish in the form of a calendar. I have a student collection of poetry I’ve collected for over 22 years that I hope to finish editing so others can see the talent that comes right out of this building.  I have a lot of projects that I’d like to publish for the public to see. 


  • Food: Dark chocolate, fresh fruit, things that can be eaten naturally
  • Restaurant: No favorite
  • Music: Live concert music
  • TV Show: I don’t own a television
  • Movie: Princess Bride and documentary films
  • Book: Laura Ingalls Wilder’s “Little house On The Prairie” series, Leon Uris’ “QB VII” and “Exodus”
  • Teacher: Mr. Michelson 6th Grade teacher, Mrs. Waterworth, and  Mrs. Stevens

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Justin Esteban
Justin Esteban, Photojournalist
Justin Esteban is a photographer for Student Media at Caney Creek high school and Commercial Photography II. He is in his first year on Student Media, he also participates in Commercial Photography II. Where he along with his other photographers, produce products such as portraits, advertising, and involvement in Competitions such as ATPI. He has experience in capturing school ran events such as the 2023 Prom, IBC Awards, Wedding Extravaganza, and designed and sold printable holiday cards.  He was born in Brooklyn, New York and moved to Texas in 2015. He enjoys reading books, writing fictional stories, watching shows/movies, and caring for his cat, Simba, and dog named Rocky.
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