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ATHLETE SPOTLIGHT: Melissa Quintana, Cross Country, Track and Starlettes

Photo: Lizette Fierros
Melissa Quintana

Melissa Quintana

  • Grade: 11th
  • Sport(s): Cross Country, Track and Starlettes 
  • Position(s): Cross Country Captain, Starlettes Historian Board Officer
  • Age Started Playing: Cross country; 4th, Track; 9th, Starlettes; 10th 

How would other people describe you as an athlete? 

I’d hope to be motivating in a way because for example for Starlettes I can get them to show their improvement.

How and why did you start playing? 

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For running, my brother did it in high school and he was really good and he also did soccer but I didn’t like it so I stuck to running.

Describe how you prepare before a game/tournament. 

I don’t eat anything, it doesn’t matter what time the race is, I will not eat anything at all the whole day and I feel like that gets me ready.

For people that have never play your sport, what do you think the average person gets wrong about it? 

For running, everybody thinks it’s hard and difficult but I think everybody can do it.

What personal superstitions or traditions do you have before, during or after a game? 

My mom’s coworker gives us this red juice that stinks but I drink it every time before a race even though we have no idea what is in it.

Tell us about your favorite memory as an athlete either on or off the field. 

Practices because we would all be so tired but we all went through it together and in a way it was worth it.

Tell us the story about what you are most proud of yourself for

The summer going into freshman year because I was so bad in Moorhead, I would get last place in everything but that summer I improved so much.

As an athlete, who is someone you are thankful for and why? Thankful for god and family

Natalia Molina because she motivates me so much, every time somebody asks me this I think of her. She told me on my birthday that she sees a little of her in me and we’re so different but I see myself in her too.

What advice would you give to your younger self when you began playing?

As much as I wanted it to be easier, it doesn’t get easier.

What’s on your sports bucket list?

Break 14 in my 2 mile. (Get time under 14 minutes for 2 miles)


  • Team/Sport Ritual or Tradition: In football games, before performing for starlettes we would do a massage train with all of the girls
  • Pre-Game Meal: Red mystery juice
  • Post-Game Meal: I eat whatever but it has to include fries
  • Exercise: Long runs
  • Hype Music: Any song I’ve never listened to, can’t be something I have heard it has to be something new
  • Sports Movie/TV Show:  “Friday Night Lights”
  • Coach: Morris Ray Sweat and Heidi Kloes 

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