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ATHLETE SPOTLIGHT: Kailyn Burgess, girls soccer

Photo: Margarita Rangel
Kailyn Burgess

Kailyn Burgess

  • Grade:11
  • Sport: Soccer
  • Position: Goalie
  • Age Started Playing: 13

How would other people describe you as an athlete?

People say I’m better than my peers but I don’t know if I’ll agree with that.

How and why did you start playing? 

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I was kind of forced to play, we were all in  PE and they said “you should try out for soccer” and I said “I’ll be there one day.” Then she turned to the soccer team and was like we have a permanent goalie now, so I thought ” I guess I have to now” but I enjoy it now.

Describe how you prepare before a game/tournament. 

Just calm myself down and listening to music.

For people that have never played your sport, what do you think the average person gets wrong about it? 

They think it’s easy mentally or hard physically but really it’s hard for both, especially for a goalkeeper. When a ball goes past you it’s really hard to get past that.

What personal superstitions or traditions do you have before, during or after a game? 

I have a specific hair tie that I wear.

Tell us about your favorite memory as an athlete either on or off the field. 

During practice one time me and my backup goalie were laying down, when we should have been standing up, and we were playing around so we didn’t notice the ball was coming toward us and we got scored on but we were playing around, it was pretty stupid.

Tell us the story about what you are most proud of yourself for.

Last year, there was a game against the woodlands and the number of how many blocks I shot or stopped was 46,  so I think that’s impressive.

As an athlete, who is someone you are thankful for and why? 

I’m thankful for my defender and Jordan. She’s graduating this year and she’s helped me through a lot of different things.

What advice would you give to your younger self when you began playing? T

Even if they get mad at you, don’t take it to heart.

What’s on your sports bucket list? 

It’s never gonna happen but it would be nice to score as a goalkeeper.


  • Team/Sport Ritual or Tradition: Jordan prays before games
  • Pre-Game Meal:  Chick-fil-A sandwich
  • Post-Game Meal:  McDonalds
  • Exercise: Squats
  • Hype Music: Lady Gaga 
  • Coach: Coach Kloes

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