Senior starts chocolate covered strawberries and cake-pop business

Leslie Benitez, Opinions Editor

At just 10 years old, senior Emma Barron learned how to bake by watching videos. She inspired herself to start her own business. 

Barron can now say she’s confident enough to open her own business, plus this is her last year of high school. 

“I started my business because I wanted to do something that I enjoy, which is baking.” Barron said. “As well as saving up money for myself.” 

Barron started her business through Instagram naming it mewi.rm.

“I decided to go with mewi because my middle name is Melissa and my nickname is melly so it was a cuter way to say it,” Barron said. “And rm comes from my favorite BTS member.” 

Barron sells chocolate covered strawberries and cake pops, “I wanted to try making chocolate covered strawberries plus they’re easy to make,” Barron said. “Plus I’ve never seen anyone sell cake pops.” 

Barron has goals she wants to accomplish to grow her business. 

“I want to have more cake pop flavors in the future,” Barron said. “And work on new designs for the cake pops and chocolate covered strawberries.” 

Having to deal with school and managing her business at the same time, becomes a challenge for Barron at times, “The only thing I don’t like is when I have no time to do strawberries and cake pops,” Barron said. “And it low key stresses me out since I enjoy seeing everyone smile and enjoy their cake pops.” 

She sells 7 chocolate covered strawberries for $15 and cake pops are $2 each. 

Customers are able to choose the color and design they prefer for their order of chocolate covered strawberry. 

 “And the cake pop flavors I have are chocolate, vanilla and strawberry and I recently added a new flavor red velvet,”  Barron said. 

She hopes to open her own bakery shop one day. 

“Since I was little I always wanted and imagined having my own bakery,” Barron said. “But I still don’t know what I want to name it and stuff.” 

She encourages students to open up a business of their own. 

“Honestly just go for it and listen to yourself,” Barron said. 

To place any order or for more information contact Barron through her Instagram account: mewi.rm.